What gauge are your bags?

Most of our PVC bags are 100 gauge, however the CD and DVD size PVC bags are 80 gauge. The POF bags are all 75 Ga.

Is there a big difference in the 100 gauge vs the 80 gauge?

Very little, both bags are very strong.

What gauge of film do you carry?

Our shrinkwrap films are 75 gauge.

What gauge is the "Tube" shrinkwrap?

Our tube shrinkwrap is 100 gauge.

Do I have to seal the end and shrink the bags?

No, you can use the bags as a plastic bag and tie with a ribbon, just keep in mind that it is heat sensitive when not shrunk, so do not leave in a hot car or in a window exposed to the sun.

Are your bags and film FDA approved for food?

The POF bags are FDA approved, the PVC bags, tube and centerfold is not FDA approved, you can use the PVC bags/film on already packaged food items, but not on the food items themselves. No PVC shrink-wrap bags are approved for food.

How to Measure a Basket for the Correct Size Bag.

With a flexible measuring tape, measure the entire circumference of the basket (the widest part, all the way around). Then add 10% to that measurement and divide by 2. This will give you the width of the bag you will need for the particular basket. Always round up to the nearest even number, since bags will shrink to accommodate.
Measure the basket all the way around from top to bottom, add 10% and divide by 2. This will give the correct height of the bag you will need. Should you not want the bag to go completely around the bottom you can deduct approximately 1 to 2 inches, this is a matter of preference. Our sizes are all listed, width first then height.

How much do the bags shrink?

The bags will shrink up to 40%.

Will my item inside the bag melt while I am shrinkwrapping it?

Not if you use the heat gun like you should. Never hold it in one area for a long period of time, keep it moving around the bag to shrink the bag evenly. Plus this will keep you from melting holes in your bag, but don't be overly concerned it is very easy & fun to shrink wrap using the bags.

What part of the bag do I shrink wrap first?

If a basket do the bottom first, on boxes or other items usually start with the sides. This will hold your bag in place so as not to shrink up the open end that you may have taped or are holding while you shrink the bag. After shrinking the bottom and ends then shrink the large flat surfaces to perfection.

Can I use a hairdryer instead of a heat gun?

The PVC bags and tube will shrink using a hair dryer however the POF bags will not work with a hair dryer. However when using a hairdryer with the PVC bags and tube it must be rated at 1800 watts or better. You will also need to set the temperature on high - remember it is heat that shrinks the bags - the heat from a heat gun is 350 degrees on low (which is the setting you want to use when using a heat gun). It will take you a little longer, but with patience you can do it.

Why should I use an Impulse Sealer?

With an Impulse Sealer you will get a clean sealed and cut edge - giving your product a professional look, plus it saves on hot fingers.

How do I place an order?

Look at the various pages of bags & equipment. Click on the "Buy This" button next to the item you want. If you are paying by paypal, click on the paypal image on the checkout page. If you wish to send a USPS Postal Money Order the shopping cart will automatically send us your order without paypal payment and we will contact you with payment information. We do not accept any business or personal checks.